From the Installation Two Forms touching,
Bayer KulturHaus, Leverkusen 2018


“Two forms touching”, is an imbrication of several cuts of monochrome metal, which invokes, by its materials and its form, an inherent and contradictory force.
Solidity and flexibility are combined to show a subtle balance.
Lea transfigures erotic forms to sweep away the univocal aspect of a shameless suggestion.
In a society where the dematerialization of human relations tends to be trivialized and standardized, Lea questions the consequences of this pernicious stalemate stimulated by the massiveness of images affecting our daily lives.
In particular, dealing with the chaos of images polluting and transforming individually, socially and sexually our relation to the body and the space, it raises the percussive suggestion of a know-how and savoir-vivre increasingly distanced from a physical reality.
This sculpture, in its purified minimalistic curves, seems to be placed gently on the ground, while a few soldering points are enough to maintain the whole.
What does this erotic tangle tells us more abstract ?
A plural form, claiming a visual and spatial harmony that goes against a violence incessantly provoked by the universe of representation. Where the individual tends to immerse himself, attesting a society more submitted to conditions and diktats imposed by new technologies, social networks and invasive advertising. Lea seeks, through this constituted body, to return to essential forms in the perspective of deploying a human dimension and sensitive one, with the viewer who confronts himself to it.

© Livia Tarsia in Curia


Installation View, “Two forms touching”
Steel, 108 cm x 130 cm x 130 cm