Peninsula – the others Fair


Peninsula – The others Fair         Italy 2019

Opening: Thursday 31 October from 9pm
Exhibition: 1-2 November (4pm – 1am) & 3 November (11am – 9pm)
Closing party: 3 November from 8pm

Ex Ospedale Militare A. Riberi, Corso IV Novembre 80a – Turin

Contributions of: Alessia Pastore, Alexandra Wolframm, Antonio Catelani, Christian Niccoli, Cristiano Cesolari, Daniele Jost, Fried Rosenstock, Ilaria Biotti, IRWIN, Ivana Spinelli, Loris Cecchini, Luca Vitone, Marco Dalbosco, Matteo Peterlini, Maruska Mazza, Lea Mugnaini, Pietro Mele, Rebecca Agnes, Sara Aloisi, Stefania Migliorati, Yvonne Andreini.


Peninsula’s activity is based on the idea of an ongoing conversation and on relations existing within a group of practitioners characterized by their plurality, as well as on the dynamics of exchange with external cultural agents.

With the project “a un passo”, Peninsula invites its members to reflect on their position as wandering subjects in Europe, a continent in transformation and with particular issues, some of which with a character of urgency.

Drawing on paper is a materialization of thought processes, and a reflection on a state of things. In this process an artist approaches and moves away from the subject it is representing in a continuous movement between detail and whole. Likewise, Peninsula attempts to reverse the gaze onto itself in order to reflect on its own position as a migrant entity. Remoteness thus becomes a focusing tool to articulate the entanglement to one’s culture of origin.

The new horizons in the contemporary moment opened by the tension between distance and proximity are the central question on which the installation is based.