Calima, pulver of dust


Calima, pulver of dust

Installation view, “Ubiquity”, Ceramic Kingdom, Berlin 2021

Calima is a hot and oppressive wind that occurs when there is high pressure over the Sahara desert, which in turn drives a southerly wind towards the Canary islands, brin- ging Saharan temperatures and sand with it.

When the sky turns yellow or sometimes even red, one can truly smell the Desert in the air. The visibility is reduced and there is a kind of otherworldly quality of the light.
Every surface on the island gets covered by a film of sand.

Over the first few months of last year the artist was based on the island of Lanzarote, where she started collecting traces of the dust from Sahara, using wet wipes.

The artwork Calima, pulver of dust, consists of an ensemble of natural leftovers brought by the African wind over the Ocean, onto Lanzarote.
Those traces represent the transposition of a foreign landscape into a new habitat. While retaining the memory of a place, they carry transformation through movement.

Calima is the tangible point of contact between Africa, its elements and colors, and the landscape of Lanzarote.

Wapes, Saharan dust, 19 x 15,5 cm, Lanzarote, 2021