Vases collection


From Berlin with love, a Vases Collection   Berlin / Florence   ongoing project since 2018

Vases for Interno fiorentino / Interior Project from the designer Cosimo Bonciani photo © Helenio Barbetta



The Vases Collection series, started in Berlin on 2018, stem from the artist childhood memories.
The artist s grandmother owned a vast collection of vases in the same greenhouse where the artist first learnt how to paint. They were spending long time together, rearranging, moving and bringing order between those vases, always finding new compositions of space and matter.

This entire process of displacing objects and seeking for space-atmosphere, is something that has inspired the artist within the last two years to recreate similar forms and link them together.

The recreated objects, sometimes left in rough sanded metal and sometimes colored with car varnish, are living in their playful compositive enviroment. The sculptures rely on a vague antropomorphic shaping, that makes them mimic human bodies. The artist wants to highlight their identity and nature by stripping the objects from thier true purpose. By doing so, the aesthetics of the real structure emerge as their only meaningful attribute.