Steinmetzstraße 21, is a video work based on an installation made during the 2020 lockdown in Berlin.
The work is named after the address where the artist was living while the pandemic CO-19 hit Berlin, and it is part of a long term project called “The drapery series”.
The apartment  and all the objects inside of it are completely covered by transparent plastic drapes, to embrace and reflect the world situation.
The process of wrapping the inside of the apartment represents a mixture of absurdity, by searching tridimensional esthetic composition upon and under the plastic, and a commentary to the necessities that came out during the pandemic time such as protecting, being safe and sanitizing your surrounding.
The wind blowing on the plastic drapes is the only thing that brings life inside the aseptic apartment.

Steinmetzstraße 21, from the Drapery Series, 2020, video, color, sound 10’ filmed and edit by Matteo Azchirvani